The concept for the Mannei brand has come into its own through a process spanning many years.

Travel has brought us pages of creative inspirations, especially New York at the time of “Sex and the City”. One scene in particular where two young girls looked passionately at luxurious windows and stalls, including Manolo Blahnik, adored by the protagonists. 


The respect and admiration we have for the crafts and artisans have been a huge influence on the appeal of the fashion industry. With the idea of producing original jewelry, it was possible to collaborate with exceptional people full of passion and genuine involvement. Today our collections are created in carefully selected Polish sewing rooms to bring products to our website that showcase a family business with strong ties to traditions.


Our values combine precision, passion, value and credibility.

By delivering our products to the customer, we want to make sure they receive a luxury product – made of fibers with accurate precision – just like the pins on the 5th Avenue window. 

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