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The Mannei is a brand with a distinct definition that has evolved over the course of several years.

The reverence and appreciation we have for the crafts and artisans has had a major effect on our identity and the love for the original and the authentic. 

Our collections are now produced in carefully curated Polish sewing rooms, which tie back to our bonds of a family company that cherishes its roots and beginnings.


THE MANNEI strives to create items that make women feel unique and proud. 

Every piece is designed to convey strong and elegant dispositions which allow to feel both self assured and confident in one’s skin without loosing sight of the femininity that has to be appreciated and celebrated above all else. We believe that sensuality can and should be a synonym of strength and assertiveness without subduing to compromises. 

That is why our collections break free from all sorts of restraints and reimagines classical trends by breathing in new life in them to adjust for the look of a modern Woman. 

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